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India is a nation that spends more time listening to music than the rest of the world. In recent years where the strain of music is certainly changing The Vintage Crafts zeal to preserve the evocative notes of our retro theme. Over periods the twist in the music trends results in the invention of dynamic instruments in the market, but real music enthusiasts are determined to revive the era of old gramophone recordings.





The rigidity of our primitiveforms despite their spontaneity is much appreciated by our folks. A culturally diverse nation inspired by the assortment of music styles reflects the rhythm of the region. From highly energetic Punjabi music in the West to soulful Bihu music in the East, from the era of Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar to the dulcet tones of present time, our working acoustic instruments will make every square inch of your body sing and dance. The attempt is made to preserve traditional, old, and medieval folk-music patterns. These antiques can be a perfect gift for retro music lovers as well as house decorators. The Vintage Crafts is offering a working Vintage Gramophones¬† for Indian and Western Classical lovers to delight their soul. We beautifully constructed every component of gramophones including Wooden case, Brass horn, Winding Handle. To evoke the ambience of your home we gracefully style the gramophones with floral and other folk designs.  

made of brass, this

Carved & Decorated

is often a character piece, briefly explaining the

A Showpiece

personality of a person. Our finely

gramophone will definitely spruce up the look of your room.

symbol of spiritual wisdom, impression of luxury,

nobility and faithfulness.

is a

musical showpiece

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